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USB Chargeable and sleek design.

Compact and easy to use with a slide open and close.

Convenient for traveling.

Approx size: 1.5" x 5.5"

Package includes: nanomist, USB cable

Available Colors: White, Pink

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Nanomist quickly and effectively cure (harden) the eyelash extension adhesive.

The ultra fine mist of hydrogen, which is the curing agent will cure the adhesive in 30 seconds.

Hold the nanomist 8-12 inches away from the lashes and move in a sweeping motion back and forth, from eye to eye for 30 seconds. Only the tail end of the mist should touch the lashes.

The mist from the nanomist will also act as a soothing agent during this adhesive transition which will aid in minimizing allergic reactions.

Nanomister Use Instructions:

Charge 3-4 hours prior to initial use

Do not charge with water in tank


Empty the tank daily

If mist does not come out when you slide the mister open, do not shake. Check that your water tank is full and seated properly. Close and open the slider again to operate. If mister still does not work, check that your charge is sufficient.

Do not touch the spraying membrane

Hold unit approximately 8-12 inches from the lashes as to not get them wet. A light mist is optimal, getting the adhesive wet can affect your retention. 30 seconds is sufficient for curing of the adhesive for both eyes inclusively.

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