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Ruthie Belle – SUPERBONDER 15ml

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Ruthie Belle – SUPERBONDER

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The original low-alcohol-based Superbonder boosts lash retention by up to 30%, reduces irritation, and cures adhesive in just 3 minutes.

Superbonder is the genesis! Unlike any other glue accelerator or “bonder,” Superbonder’s research-based formula contains less than 0.01% alcohol. As a result, this little bottle is the safest & most helpful handyman for every lash artist for the following reasons:

- Superbonder increases lash retention by up to 30%
- Superbonder reduces irritation for you & your customers
- Superbonder cures any lash adhesive in just 3 minutes


- After you have attached the set's final lash extension, wait 2 minutes.
- Apply two drops of Superbonder onto a microfiber brush (no need to soak).
- Now thoroughly sweep the brush across the adhesive bonding points of the lashes on both the top and bottom.
- Wait 3 minutes for Superbonder to dry, and you're done!
- No need to use a nano mister or nebulizer.

- One (1) 15ml bottle contains approximately 150-200 treatments
- Use within one year of opening
- Cruelty-free & vegan
- Manufactured in the EU by EU regulations

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Ethyl Methacrylate, Ci 19140, Ci 42090, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol (less than 0.01%!), Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool

For professional use only. Not for self-applications. 

WARNING: Products ordered during hot weather will be ordered at the purchaser’s risk. Pro Eyelash Supply is not responsible for defectives caused by heat exposure during shipping.

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