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Optima Eyelash Extension Adhesive
$30.00 $40.00

Optima Eyelash Extension Adhesive Advanced, Stronger, Faster

LED Table Touch Lamp / Light
$30.00 $32.00

Color: Silver,  Material: Aluminum Contemporary style energy-efficient LED table lamp with adjustable arm and three-level...

5 Lens Headset Magnifying Glass Eyelash Extension LED & Hands Free
$20.00 $27.00

LED Light Magnifying Spec Glasses making eyelash application a breeze. Now you'll be able to see all the little lashes...

Mannequin Head
$13.00 $20.00

Soft Silicon mannequin head is perfect for practicing eyelash extensions. The back of the head is flat so the head will...

6 Holes Eyelash Extension Tweezer Display Stand / Holder (1pc)
$10.00 $13.00

Organize all of your tweezers on this acrylic stand for easy access. Holds 6 tweezers. Approx size:  5 1/4 in L x 3in H...

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$5.00 $6.50

This ultra-soft headband provides you and your client a comfortable barrier when resting your hands and wrists during lash...

Disposable Breathing Protection 5-Layer KN95 Face Mask (1pc)
$4.00 $6.00

5 layers of filtration with an efficiency rate up to 95%High filter efficiencyEasy to breathIndividually wrapped