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Mannequin Flat Head Eyelash Extension Silicone Removable Replacement Eyelids Practice Training Head
$35.00 $45.00

It is soft, made of high-quality silicone. It is durable and easy to clean. It is perfect for practicing eyelash...

Lash Affair Clear Connection -CLEAR
$35.00 $40.00

Lash Affair Clear Connection -CLEAR

Premium Sensitive (5ml)
$30.00 $35.00

Premium Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive (5ml)

LED Table Touch Lamp / Light
$30.00 $32.00

Color: Silver,  Material: Aluminum Contemporary style energy-efficient LED table lamp with adjustable arm and three-level...

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$28.00 $40.00

This Oil Free cleanser is made from Natural Ingredients and does NOT contain oil, glycerine, glycerol, artificial colour,...

Lash Affair Infatuated - Sensitive
$26.00 $36.00

Lash Affair Infatuated - Sensitive Adhesive

Lash Affair Size Matters
$25.00 $30.00

Gold plated stainless steel                           5.5 inches | 45 degree angle tip  Isolation tool for classic or...

$25.00 $30.00

USB Chargeable and sleek design. Compact and easy to use with a slide open and close. Convenient for traveling. Approx...

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5 Lens Headset Magnifying Glass Eyelash Extension LED & Hands Free
$20.00 $27.00

LED Light Magnifying Spec Glasses making eyelash application a breeze. Now you'll be able to see all the little lashes...

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Pro Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive
$20.00 $25.00

Pro Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Mannequin Head
$13.00 $20.00

Soft Silicon mannequin head is perfect for practicing eyelash extensions. The back of the head is flat so the head will...

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