MINK Matte MIX Lengths

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Mink eyelash extension offer a bold, dramatic look with its deep black color and slight gloss. Mink eyelash extensions are made of high quality PBT fiber, not real fur. 

16 lines per tray. MIX lengths per tray. 

* All lashes on this tray are individual lashes.

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Mink eyelash extensions are perfect for clients that want a dramatic noticeable lash line that stands out. These lashes are hand made with premium quality materials, that have a true black color that will not fade and the curl is permanent. Variety of size and length for customizing a different look for each client. 

MIX lengths: 9/9/10/10/10/11/11/11/12/12/12/12/13/13/13/13

MIX lengths: 10/11/12/12/13/13/14/14/15/15/16/16/17/17/18/19

MIX lengths: 13/13/14/14/14/15/15/15/16/16/16/17/17/17/18/18

MIX lengths: 18/18/19/19/20/20/20/21/21/21/22/22/22/23/23/23

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