New Dolly’s Lash Kit
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The world's first creation - hot compression lash care

Dolly constantly brings forth the new ideas for every woman's desire we lift the eyelashes better just like blooming flowers which makes it an art of styling.

Intense lash care - the secret for increasing more customers

Stay healthy after multiple treatments.

Keratin deep conditioner

Keratin essence - deep repairing the eyelashes.

Provide the best high - class service to customers.

Easy way to create the perfect natural curls.

Designed for different eye shapes. Accessories for lash lifting to create perfect natural curls.



#1 Perm Lotion x 1 jar

#2 Setting Lotion x 1 jar

#3 Nourishing Lotion x 1 jar

#4 Keratin Deep Conditioner x 1 jar

Small Silicone Pad x 10 pcs

Medium Silicone Pad x 10 pcs

Dolly’s Lash Glue x 1 pc

Y Shape Separating Applicator Tool Brush x 3 pcs


Application: 5-8 times

Instructions included with kit. This product is designed for trained professionals only.

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