YY Lashes 2D Pre Made Volume MIX

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Y Volume Lashes are specially designed to quickly bloom in seconds allowing you to create the voluminous look faster. The tips are double giving you a criss cross effect look. It’s easy to pick up, will not tear.

16 lines per tray. MIX lengths per tray. Various per tray. See below for details. 

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.07C MIX lengths (8mm-16mm): 8/9/10/10/11/11/12/12/13/13/13/14/14/15/15/16

.07D MIX lengths (8mm-15mm): 8/9/10/11/11/12/12/12/13/13/13/14/14/14/15/15

.07CC MIX lengths (8mm-15mm): 8/9/10/11/11/12/12/12/13/13/13/14/14/14/15/15

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