Lash Affair Infatuated - Sensitive
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Grey cap

Low vapor(fume)

2-4 week hold

5 second dry time


Lash Affair® Adhesive Instructions:

Store your adhesive in your "Love Shack" or in a cool, dry place with silica packet

Keep your treatment room at 40-55% humidity and 70º to stabilize the adhesive throughout application

Shake your adhesive before every use, for 1 minute

When dispensing adhesive, make sure bottle is completely upside-down (not at an angle) to limit air getting into the bottle. Let gravity dispense the drop

"Burp" the bottle after every drop dispensed to release trapped air from the nozzle

Clean the tip of your bottle with a cotton-free sponge to avoid it sticking to the cap

Always keep the cap on your bottle to limit air exposure

Use a Nano Mister to cure adhesive and soothe your client

Hold mister at least 8-12 inches away from face

For optimal results replace after 4 weeks

We recommend using a hygrometer in your treatment room to accurately gauge your humidity levels 

For professional use only. Not for self-applications.

WARNING: Adhesives ordered during hot weather will be ordered at the purchaser’s risk. Pro Eyelash Supply is not responsible for defectives caused by heat exposure during shipping.


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